ichigo ichie

  1. Selection of Nigiri


    selection of 5 pieces of nigiri - fish will vary daily
    Nigiri is thinly sliced raw or aged fish set on top of a mound of sushi rice. A small amount of wasabi is often placed In between the rice and fish.
  2. Maki Sushi


    sliced maki sushi - fish will vary daily
    Maki is a sushi that is cylindrical in shape and includes grilled seaweed nori, that is rolled around sushi rice and various other fillings.
  3. Akadashi Miso Soup


    cup of akadashi miso soup
    Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of akadashi stock into which softened miso paste is mixed. In addition, there are many optional ingredients that may be added depending on seasonal recipes.
  4. Nori Bento


    Nori Bento, often shortened to Noriben, is a simple bento dish consisting of mainly rice, nori sheets, soy sauce, and katsuobushi (okaka)
    Nori bento consists of rice, nori (seaweed), kisu furai (whiting fish covered with Japanese panko breadcrumbs), Chikuwa Isobe Age (Chikuwa is fishcake shaped into sticks or tubes, Isobeage is a deep-fried dish that contains a type of seaweed), Kinpiragobo (traditional Japanese dish made of shredded burdock root and carrot simmered in sweet soy sauce and topped with sesame seeds), Shiso tartare, Okaka (dried shaved bonito flakes gently tossed with soy sauce), Prawn Tomago (Japanese omelette), Goma Wakame (seaweed salad) and Salmon Roe.
  5. Nizakana Bento


    For a limited time only
    Stewed fish, shirako (cod milt) isobeage, kinshi tamago (shredded egg), mangetout and nori on top of rice.
  6. Kakuni Bento


    For a limited time only
    Stewed Caherbeg free-range pork belly, pickled vegetables and nitamago (seasoned egg) on top of rice.
  7. Nimono


    For a limited time only
    Stewed Castletownbere cuttlefish with daikon and taro potato
  8. Kaisen Miso Nabe (Seafood)

    €60.00 per Nabe

    For a limited time only
    Nabe, which literally means "hot pot" in Japanese, it is a classic comfort food in Japan. Ya translates as house in Japanese. Nabeya is typically a stew where ingredients like meat, fish, and vegetables boiled together, but there are many different versions of this delicacy. Different ingredients are added, so the resulting soup will always be rich and tasty. Plus, in most cases, you get to finish off the remaining soup with rice or noodles. “Nabeya” hot pots are designed to be cooked at home and shared between two people.
  9. Aburi Shimesaba Oshizushi


    **NEW** For a limited time only
    Grilled shiso vinegar cured mackerel sushi, pressed with white combo and rice, comes with Lisheen greens, Tokyo turnip, asparagus, shio koi pickles and salmon roe