ichigo ichie

Catherine Cleary’s Irish Times review

Ichigo Ichie is a reminder of how magic food can be in the hands of a dreamer

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Words by Catherine Cleary

You may have seen a Japanese man picking cherry blossom in Douglas on a Sunday morning in March. Takashi Miyazaki was gathering a garnish. He spread the white blossoms out to dry with a little salt, and now they’re in a jar in his new restaurant, Ichigo Ichie, in Cork city. Scraps of yearned-for spring transformed to a taste of its slipping past. It’s thereness and goneness all at once.

Being in the moment is the thing here. Mirrored glass in the window and charcoal paint have cloaked it in anonymity from the outside. You step out of rush hour and into somewhere unrecognisable as the former Fenn’s Quay restaurant. The matt black continues inside, giving it a theatrical feel, so unadorned you could be walking through a magazine page, with all the clutter, kids, pets and coats shoved in the car for the photo shoot.