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ichigo ichie Bistro and Natural Wine will focus on local, casual-style food, fun and sustainability.

Starting with small and sharing plates to rice bowl dishes and the first ever in Ireland “Teuchi soba” (handmade buckwheat noodles) dishes. We also have a good selections of natural wine by glass or bottles.

Take Away Menu

  1. Ippin ryouri

    Agedashi tofu
    tofu, daikon, ginger, katsuobushi, nori €8.00
    pork katsu simmered in dashi with onion eggs €14.50
    assorted tempura €15.50
    Edamame pepperoncino
    edamame, garlic, chilli, black pepper €6.00
  2. Shime - donburi (rice bowl)

    Tori tatsuta don
    deep fried chicken €17.50
    Cod nanban don
    Cod fish €18.50
    Kakiage don
    deep fried vegetables €15.50
  3. Shime - hiya soba
    (cold handmade buckwheat noodles)

    soba tsuyu broth €12.50
    Oroshi bukkake soba
    granted daikon with soba tsuyu broth €13.50
    Natto bukkake soba
    fermented soya beans and egg yolk €14.50
    Tenzaru soba
    prawn, shiso, maitake €20.50
  4. Shime - on soba
    (hot handmade buckwheat noodles)

    Kake soba
    in broth with scallion €12.50
    Tsukimi soba
    egg €13.50
    Ume wakame soba
    ume plum, wakame, katsuobushi €15.50
    Kamo nanban soba
    skeaghanore duck, Hay Leek €21.50
    Tempura soba
    prawn, shiso, maitake €19.50
    Yuzu lemon oroshi soba
    yuu,lemon,daikon,hay leek, scallion €16.50
  5. Seasonal daily special

Wine menu

  1. White wine


    Ciello Bianco
    Sicily, Italy
    Fresh and vibrant, this Italian catarrato, made from organic grapes is fragrant and crisp.
  2. White wine


    (Sauvignon Blanc)
    Frantz Saumon, Loire, France
    Delicious Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of citrus fruit and a hint of pineapple. The finish is fresh and intense.
  3. White wine


    Clos Tue-Boeuf
    (Pineau de la Loire/
    Chenin Blanc)
    Thierry & Jean-Marie Puzela, Les Montils Loire, France
    Lovely citrus and wild flowers on the nose, the palate is soft and gentle, with pear, apple and lime character.
  4. White wine


    (Sauvignon Blanc)
    Pouilly Fume, Loire, France
    Aromas of grapefruit, passion fruits and herbs. Crispy mouth, clean and fresh with a long and elaborate finish.
  5. Red wine


    Ciello Rosso
    (Nero d’Avola)
    Sicily, Italy
    Deliciously Fresh, dark red colour, hints of black plum, coffee and chocolate on the nose, pleasant spiciness in the mouth with smooth dark fruit flavours.
  6. Red wine


    Morgon Classique
    Jean Foillard
    Beaujolais, France
    An impressive dark rubis robe, its nose shows fresh red berries, cinnamon and smoke. On the palate, crunchy red berries mingle with fleshy cherries, marzipan and herbal hints.
  7. Saké


    Kikusui Funaguchi (Can), Honjozo 19%
    Funaguchi has a rich, full-bodied flavor yet with a refreshing clean finish.
  8. Beer


    Asahi Dry, Bottle (330ml)

Chef Miyazaki brings a kappou-style fine
dining Japanese restaurant to Ireland

Chef Takashi Miyazaki