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ichigo ichie offers a rare kind of sanctuary dining. Every guest is inspired to leave behind thoughts 
of the future and the past, and to savour the perfect present in the 
food before them.

Combining a timeless ambience with exquisite Japanese cuisine, to visit Michelin starred ichigo ichie is to enjoy a unique moment that flows and forever separates you from any restaurant experience.

Take Away Menu

  1. Sakizuke

    Kisetsu no sakana
  2. Oshinogi

  3. Hassun

    Pistachio tofu
    Pistachio, apple blossom, beetroot miso, gold leaf
    Black fig dengaku
    Black fig, white dengaku miso, hazel
    Kaki Domyoji age
    Rossmore oyster, puffed rice, aonori, nitsume tare
    Skeghanore duck
    Skeghanore duck, scallion, hay leek, red wine, soy sauce, brassica mustard
    Foie gras monaka
    Foie gras, miso, apple, smoked daikon,
    rice wafer
  4. Wanmono

    Hotate edamame shinjo, sakura kunsei unagi wan
    Scallop, edamame, Lough Neagh eel,
    okura, carrot, kohlrabi, yuzu, sakura
  5. Mukouzuke

    Kisetsu no osashimi
    Selection of sashimi
  6. Nimono

    Mekajiki yuzu misoni
    Swordfish, yuzu miso dashi, padrón pepper
  7. Yakimono

    Lamb loin, sweet bread, pinecone
    Achill island lamb, sweet bread, pinecone syrup, St Tola goat cheese, ash
  8. Mushimono

    Asari tontoro chawanmushi
    Egg dashi pot, Connemara surf clam,
    Gubbeen guanciale, nori seaweed foam
  9. Sunomono

    Mussels, Lisheen Greens baby carrot, shio kombu, daikon
  10. Gohanmono

    Maitake gohan
    Maitake mushroom, carrot, burdock, rice
  11. Tomewan

    Nameko akadashi jiru
    Red miso, Garryhinch nameko, tofu,
    chive and dashi
  12. Kanmi

    Gubbeen smoked cheese cake, ume plum ice cream

Wine menu

  1. White wine


    Ciello Bianco
    Sicily, Italy
    Fresh and vibrant, this Italian catarrato, made from organic grapes is fragrant and crisp.
  2. White wine


    (Sauvignon Blanc)
    Frantz Saumon, Loire, France
    Delicious Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of citrus fruit and a hint of pineapple. The finish is fresh and intense.
  3. White wine


    Clos Tue-Boeuf
    (Pineau de la Loire/
    Chenin Blanc)
    Thierry & Jean-Marie Puzela, Les Montils Loire, France
    Lovely citrus and wild flowers on the nose, the palate is soft and gentle, with pear, apple and lime character.
  4. White wine


    (Sauvignon Blanc)
    Pouilly Fume, Loire, France
    Aromas of grapefruit, passion fruits and herbs. Crispy mouth, clean and fresh with a long and elaborate finish.
  5. Red wine


    Ciello Rosso
    (Nero d’Avola)
    Sicily, Italy
    Deliciously Fresh, dark red colour, hints of black plum, coffee and chocolate on the nose, pleasant spiciness in the mouth with smooth dark fruit flavours.
  6. Red wine


    Morgon Classique
    Jean Foillard
    Beaujolais, France
    An impressive dark rubis robe, its nose shows fresh red berries, cinnamon and smoke. On the palate, crunchy red berries mingle with fleshy cherries, marzipan and herbal hints.
  7. Saké


    Kikusui Funaguchi (Can), Honjozo 19%
    Funaguchi has a rich, full-bodied flavor yet with a refreshing clean finish.
  8. Beer


    Asahi Dry, Bottle (330ml)

Chef Miyazaki brings a kappou-style fine
dining Japanese restaurant to Ireland

Chef Takashi Miyazaki