Words by John and Sally McKenna.

Ichigo Ichie is Ireland’s first true kaiseki restaurant, and eating here is not simply a mind-blowing experience, it is also a highly ritualised, almost spiritual event. Takashi Miyazaki’s little take-away, Miyazaki, introduced Cork to true Japanese techniques and flavours, but Ichigo Ichie takes eating into a stratosphere as 25 guests are led through the 12 courses of dinner, beginning with two little amuses before the dishes explore seasonal ingredients arrayed through the gamut of techniques – grilled; steamed; pickled; stewed; in rice, soup and sashimi. The five seats at the kappou counter are the ones to chase, but the Nagomi room and the Stone Garden spaces are calming and aesthetically delightful. Prices, for such memorable and intricate food, and natural wines, are incredibly fair.

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