ichigo ichie

Takashi Miyazaki’s culinary career began in a 5-star hotel in Fukuoka, a city in the southern part of Japan. Chef Miyazaki trained extensively in fusion teppanyaki cooking, travelling across Japan to learn different regional cuisines with a strong desire to experiment.

In 2008, Chef Miyazaki left Japan for the Emerald Isle. As the first cherry blossoms opened in 2015, so did his celebrated Japanese takeaway in Cork City. Word spread about Miyazaki’s signature dashi as plans were afoot to create a showcase restaurant for his treasure box of Japanese food, using the best of Irish seasonal ingredients.

ichigo ichie, for the first time, brings a kappou-style fine dining Japanese restaurant to Ireland. Chef Miyazaki is once again behind the counter in a one-to-one environment, preparing and serving exquisite dishes with Japanese culinary craft and art.

In the words of the ancients one should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths.

Hagakure \ The Way of the Samurai